I was born in Ukraine. Many years ago, and influenced by numerous factors, I came to a conclusion that my effort needs to be concentrated on the visual arts. After getting education, I was convinced of the accuracy of my choice. Through active participation in various exhibitions and galleries, I attained recognition quite early. Due to my persistence and public acknowledgement, I then became a successful professional graphic designer and painter. For many years, my highest influences were Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Muha, and Amadeo Modigliani. At the same time, I can not live without music. I really enjoy listening to classical and jazz compositions. Gustav Mahler and Chick Corea are my favorites. Their great music has a healing effect on me. Nevertheless, I work in my studio in full silence. It gives me the optimal condition for realization of my emotions and feelings.
  In the mid-nineties I was forced to leave my homeland. Now I am living in Atlanta, GA. Unfortunately, due to hardships that come with rebuilding life in a new country, my creative activity for a while was interrupted. But there is a blessing in disguise! As a result, I became acquainted with American culture, and obtained new possibilities in life and in creation. Eventually, I again got involved in setting up new art projects. Life goes on, and art is eternal!